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                 Manggala Cattery is CFA, FIFe/ICA and TICA registered

Cat Article

Cat Article

Exotic Breed Standard (FIFe)

Posted on 3 June, 2016 at 0:10

Exotic Breed Standard (FIFe)

General : Size : Medium to large

Head : Shape : Round and massive, well balanced, very broad skull

            Forehead : Rounded

            Cheeks : Full

Nose : Short, broad, with a definite stop, but not a snub nose. The nose bridge and the nose leather must be wide. Nostrils well open, allowing free and easy passage of air. Stop to be between the eyes, neither above the upper eyelid nor below the lower eyelid

Chin : Strong

Jaws : Broad and Powerful

Expression : Nice open

Ears : Shape : Small, round-tipped, well tufted on the inner side

           Placement : Set very wide apart and rather low on the head

Eyes : Shape : Large, round and open, set wide apart

           Colour : Brilliant and expressive, as described in the appropriate colour variety, but pure in colour

Neck : Short and strong

Body : Structure : Cobby, low on legs, broad chest; massive shoulders and back, well muscled

Legs : Short, thick and strong

           Paws : Large and round, firm; tufts between the toes are preferred

Tail : Short and well furnished, In proportion to the length of the body, slightly rounded tip

Coat : Structure : Short , dense, plush and soft in texture. Stands out from the body due to the thick undercoat



Head (25) : general shape, breadth and length of the nose, stop, jaws and teeth, forehead, chin placement, size and shape of the ears shape, size and placement of the eyes

Eye colour (15)

Body (25) : shape, length, size, bone structure thickness and height of the legs, shape of the paws tail and its length

Coat (30): Colour and pattern (20)

quality, texture length and density (10)

Condition (5)

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